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Peak Health Care Products, Inc.

9444 Del Webb Blvd.

Las Vegas, NV  89134

Phone    866-442-0617

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Welcome to Peak Health Care Products

Peak Health Care Products Inc. was formed in 2001 when we realized there was a void in the marketplace for quality health care products that address yeast infections, prostate symptoms, and urinary tract infections.

We developed our products in accordance with the FDA'S Guidelines For Supplement Regulations which are the industry’s highest standards that exist today.  The consumer can be assured  that all products from Peak Health Care Products Inc. are manufactured under the guidelines of the USP (United States Pharmacopoeia) and the Current Good Manufacturing Practices.  We are also a member of NPA, the Natural Products Association and adhere to all of their guidelines.

 After  formulating our products we introduced them to health supplement retailers and healthcare professionals. Today the product line consists of Yeast Away™ for men, women, and children who have a yeast infections.

We also have a product for men who have enlarged prostate symptoms called  Prostate Control™, and one for both men and women with urinary tract infections called Urinary Tract Control ™.

 We include ingredient information on our labels, our literature, and on our website, something most manufacturers fail to do.  We feel that this information is critical to anyone considering using any supplement and therefore is a primary function for our company to provide complete product information so that consumers can make an informed purchase decision.

 We are proud of our products.  They come from the work of many dedicated and talented people in our company.




Unsolicited Endorsements:
We are proud that many retailers and their customers have written to let us know how our products have worked for them. This letter is from a Health Food Store Owner who has access to hundreds of yeast infection control products and YEAST AWAY™ is the only product that has ever worked for her infection problems:

Dear Sir;

I have suffered with the Candida yeast infection for over five years. Tho I'm the owner of a Health Food Store, I couldn't get well. Then I discovered Yeast-Away from Peak Health Care Products and immediately began to see results. It is truly a remarkeble product and does what it is supposed to do. Thank you for marketing a supplement that is truly a way to get relief from such a horrible disease.


Odalee Thomas